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A Greener Country is one man’s incarnation of a widely experienced vision. A vision of how great our country could really be if things were a little, well… greener.

If only in cyberspace, A Greener Country provides a place for open discussion on medical marijuana reviews, grow guides, recipes, and news. We have a strain directory and a club finder, as well as pics & vids to give our visitors a comprehensive guide to living and perpetuating a greener lifestyle.


Cannabis use has been recorded in humans since 3000 BC and for most of that time it has been 100% legal to grow and smoke cannabis in all capacities.

We are now living in a dark age of prohibition. It was a decision made by our parents and grandparents out of ignorance and fear, and it is a solution that has never succeeded in anything it has been applied to.

Your Mission

Know the facts! Speak out! Talk down to proponents of the “war on drugs” and don’t let their baseless lies, propaganda, and hatred dominate the discussion any longer. The tides are turning…

“Herb is the healing of a nation…”

– Herbert Hoover
July, 1932