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Blue Dream Strain Review

Strain: Blue Dream
Lineage: Blueberry X Haze
Genetics: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC Level: 15% – 20%
Grow Medium: Indoor, Soil
Purchased: Peace in Medicine, Sebastopol, CA
Price: $16/gram , $54/eighth, $105/quarter
Overall Rating: 8.0

Looks: 8
BlueDream is a very unique looking strain. Dense bud with blue and purple hues packed with trichomes that glisten like a christmas tree!

Smell: 8
A spicy smell with an overpowering fruity aroma.

Taste: 7
Smooth thick smoke that was not at all harsh or cough inducing. The blueberry taste was not as light and ‘fruity’ as I expected but more deep and best experianced through a bong or a joint.

High: 9
Hits you within seconds. Starts with a very stoney head high then finishes with a nice mellow body high. Nice functional high that you can go about your day no problem while not feeling the urge to smoke again for hours.

Value: 8
For me to spend $60 dollars on an 8th im expecting some killer pot! Blue Dream is defiantly that. Ive always been more of an indica guy but I could defiantly switch to this in a heartbeat.

If you would like more information about the marijuana strain Blue Dream, please take a look at our Marijuana Strain Guide.

66 Responses to “Blue Dream Strain Review”

  1. Have to agree on that Blue Dream. This one is cool as the body is all up while your brain is just idling. The suppliers for PIM are top notch and you can expect the best for 54 plus tax. When done well, this one can last for up to three hours and no real urge to smoke more those no lizard eyes or sleepy head at all. I have seen various types that all have the same smell, though, it can look downright pumpinish orange at times. While growing, the buds look more blue with the tiny leaves blueish.

    If you are loking for something between a sleepy indica and a speedy sativa this may be one for you. It can may a day go by like nothing which is a pretty good thing if you in instense pain and want the time to go by without sleeping.

    PIM sells clones though no grower’s label to know where it came from exactly. This plant can take FOREVER to branch out and seemed freakishly small compared to other varieties. Personal experience with spider mites made for more frustration. Sure glad somebody else around here knows how to grow it.

  2. awesome smoke. bought an 8th for 60. Was happy after i took the first rip out of that bowl. great high lasts for hours.

  3. The blue dream is nice high quality chronic. Got hooked up with a 1/2 O for one fifty, been lovin life. I do wonder why they call it blue dream when its green with orange hairs.

  4. Coleman318 Says:
    March 5th, 2010 at 4:32 PM

    I got introduced to a new connection up here in Oregon who just harvested Blue Dream. Very compact dense buds with longs hairs! This strain has got all my friends goin crazy. It is really a one of a kind smoke, I would have to agree with everything in this thread about the strain. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about such steep prices! $60 an eighth? i guess thats what you get when you’re buying from a dispensary! Picked up 3.8 grams for $35. Haha for the drive to downtown Portland its worth the $5 in gas for the quality! I’m psyched with seeing what else is to come! =P

  5. sourberry Says:
    May 5th, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    jeezy, it’s called blue dream because it’s blueberry crossed with a haze variety.

    blueberry = blue
    haze = dream

  6. A pound of cigarette tobacco in NYC, with all City, State, Federal and SCHIP taxes paid retails in stores for $100 one hundred dollars a pound.

    Marijuana is a lot easier to grow than tobacco.

    What is the justification for charging between $7,500.00 seven thousand five hundred dollars and almost $10,000.00 ten thousand dollars a pound when tobacco is sold for a price that is 75 times lower than listed here.

    How does that make any sense?

    The shops in Amsterdam sell weed at lower prices, and that’s with taxes.

    If marijuana is legalized will Glaucoma Patients stopped being robbed blind for their medicine?

    Like they are today with these insanely high prices?

  7. If you’re paying 7,500-10,000 a lb. you’re doing something wrong.

    A pound of tobacco costs 100 because it’s legal. Tobacco is a lot harder to grow recreationally than marijuana.

    That’s also the reason marijuana will never be “legal” in the U.S., at least not in our lifetime, because the government can’t find a way to make money on it.

    The U.S. government all ready tried taxing marijuana, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, notice we’re still being prosecuted for using the best natural medicine known to man.

    Not only that, but the hemp has over 75,000 uses.

    But to state that Glaucoma patients are the only ones being robbed blind (dunno if the pun was intended or not) is pure stupidity.

    Plus, if you have your medical license, you can just grow your own in your house…

  8. NYC Labrets, would you mind please getting in touch with me? I write for a blog ( and would like to write an article featuring what you have to say about pricing. I never even thought about it that way or did the comparison pricing. If you want, drop me a note by using the Contact page on the blog (I stick my email here and I’ll have to change it in a few months) :)

    Oh, and Blue Dream is my favorite strain, hands down! It’s getting into mids pricing levels in SoCal, with still solid quality. So many people are looking for stronger (and usually harsher) THC hits, that this beautiful strain is getting overlooked a little. Fine — cheaper’s good! This lady grows like a champ too.

  9. Your Highness Says:
    July 15th, 2010 at 5:10 PM

    @nyc labrets:

    The justification is simple, supply and demand. The amount of tobacco produced (grown/harvested) is lighyears ahead of the actual weight of harvested marijuana (let alone the weight of the actual “usable” bud). I’m sure if Lamborghini manufactured 2 million vehicles a year as opposed to just a few thousand, the price would drop dramatically, granted they were able to sell that many.

    It also depends on how much you are buying. At my local collective here in the IE (Inland Empire – Southern California) I buy an eight about every other day. Because of this they “know me” and generally either hook me up with a better price ($40-$50) for strains that cost between $60-$70, which includes the tax. If not that, I’ll get around a 4.2-4.4 eighth, and even sometimes a free edible.

    Where I am from, most places keep everything legit. I haven’t even mentioned the cost of overhead for a dispensary/collective as well as the insurances that are now required.

  10. TooMedicated Says:
    July 23rd, 2010 at 7:08 PM

    @nyc labrets
    Dog I can get a pillow of some fire ass og for lilke 3200. where are you getting 10000?

  11. Katy Texas Says:
    July 28th, 2010 at 10:09 PM

    From what I’ve seen, there has been a massive influx of this strain in Texas. Corpus Christi, H-Town, Austin, Dallas, College Station, etc. It’s a great strain, in my opinion, and seems to be gaining popularity. I’ve got chronic insomnia and bipolar disorder and blue dream is an excellent medicine in this case. The Sativa-dominant properties allow for daytime smoking and helps to mellow out both my manic and depressive episodes. Blue Dream’s Indica properties, however, mean that too much smokage will give you crazy couch-lock towards the last hour of the high. Anyone who is manic depressive will love this strain, although better strains(i.e. more indica dominant or pure indica) exist for those with sleeping disorders.

    ps- NYC Labrets: Even legalized, marijuana will still be more expensive than tobacco.
    1.) Good Marijuana cannot be mass grown like tobacco. Tobacco grows by the acre with little to no attention, marijuana is usually grown in grow-houses or small fields that have extensive climate control and irrigation systems in place which require frequent attention. Thus, it costs more in equipment, manpower, and time spent growing.
    2.) Marijuana is illegal, thus an extra fee is added for the risk of punishment. This is not uncommon in other jobs, it’s called hazard pay. A KBR or Halliburton employee in Iraq gets 3-6 grand extra per year for “hazardous and dangerous local conditions”. Be thankful that dealers rarely charge so much for their services, even in the face of increased criminal penalties in many areas.
    3.) I’ve been to amsterdam, it’s not much cheaper. 5 euros for a joint(10 for Cani-Cup winners/runners up). Granted you get around a g. in every j, but it’s half price at best depending on how much you pay.
    4.) Tobacco’s effects last 5-30 minutes per cig/pinch. Marijuana’s effects last anywhere from 1-3 hours for the actual “high”, and another 1-3 hours for the “comedown”. It makes sense that such long lasting effects would increase the price of marijuana.
    Not trying to hate or anything.I’m just saying that when something is expensive, there is usually a reason behind the price-tag. Don’t like it, grow your own.

  12. Blue Dream is kind of a hit around here (michigan, east side). It does have a nice smell to it, dense buds, and heavy smoke. It is true, you smoke this and set it down – not needing another toke for hours. Works good for pain and sleep issues.
    I feel its indica – it can make you drowsy or slow down a bit. I prefer 100% satvias. $300 an oz.

  13. Blue Dream is my favorite til tolerance kicks in, all blue strains, Blue Diesel, Blue Trainwreck…love blue, #1, wishing to see soon Blueberry Jack Herer strain.

    Jack Herer will knock out any tolerance constantly for weeks. I’m spoiled, I live in Oaksterdm, blow 24/7, tolerance is a constant issue, Jack Herer is here to help.

    Blueberry Jack Herer strain, no cutting up names here, both earned their respect, both name in full.

  14. KornDeftonesFresnoState Says:
    September 19th, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    All these posts are correct. One hit, you set it down, and youre good for a lengthy amount of time. The sensations of dreaming are sick. My first 8th of it a month and a half ago had me feeling SHROOMING sensations, yet the way it allows you to go about your day is amazing and catches you a bit offguard at first. Its one of the most unique sativas I’ve ever had. I do agree with poster Edwardvu. Its my favorite until tolerance kicks in. Which even with this amazing bud, tolerance does occur. But you dont need blunts upon blunts and bongloads upon bongloads of this stuff. Hitter quitter guys. Savor it. Oh and by the way, I know a guy that knows a grower. I get it for 25 a half 8th and 50 an 8th. Thats Cali for ya! :p (i would pay 60 if i had to though, easily)

  15. i havent smoked blue dream yet but im getting a quater tomorrow and after reading these reviews im stoked to toke thanks buds

  16. Jah Blessings Says:
    September 28th, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    Blue Dream was a favorite of mine from last year’s harvest. It has a nice functional high and looks and smells wonderful. We have several outdoor organic plants in the ground,..they are also a heavy yeilder (over 10 feet tall!)- Prices on our end run $700 about QP straight from the source. Probably due to the excess supply of outdoor. Dispensaries in my Nor Cal community are always being harassed and while their higher prices are out of my league I do see most profit going towards legal fees!

  17. I recently became a MM patient, and am very pleased that I can choose from a pretty wide range of strains. I have been a light but regular user for 43 years, and I never even tried most of those available. Now I find myself looking for meds that I can use in the daytime, without being a fuckup!

    Recently I tried White Widow, which seems to me ideal, producing a light stone at 1-2 hits (wasting at 4-5), which makes me sit up straight, but totally relaxed, eyes wide open, mind totally relaxed, but ready for anything. Perfect for me.

    But when I went back for more, the WW was gone. I was offered Blue Dream, as a sativa dominant hybrid, supposedly similar to the WW. It looked and smelled nice, so I bought a 1/2OZ. I immediately tested it when I got home. It seems stronger, more intense than the WW, and as I’ve seen it described, trippier. We’ll see if this strain lets me chat with the Moms when I pick up my daughter at school. It doesn’t seem to make me sleepy. I’m definitely a sative fan. So far it seems good.

  18. Picked up an oz. of this the other day. Looks and smells amazing. Great high.

  19. DAMN!! You guys are payin bank for this! Its good stuff don’t get me wrong but out here in Northern Cali I can get a quarter of Blue Dream for $40. Just thought I’d let you guys know. lol

    REVIEW: The aroma is strong yet fruity. The high is definately sativa dominant…Bottom line, GET SOME!(:

  20. […] Blue Dream kinda exploded on the scene the past couple of years, going from unknown to overblown along the way.  It’s a real NorCal native; I’ve heard it’s from the Santa Cruz area.  It’s hard to find much info online but I remember hearing many times that this is Blueberry crossed with Silver Haze (two old school classics).  In 09 a pound of some kill BD at the dispensaries up North was in high demand.  If you did some legwork you might even find someone to give you 34 points or better.  This year the market has been flooded with a lot of mediocre BD which has kept the value deflated (look at the numbers on this stuff). […]

  21. This Shit looks Just like the Christmas Weed I Got Back In Detriot. My Juggalo Homies Love The Taste And Quality. :))))

  22. Jeremy Skywalker Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 1:53 AM

    I grow Blue Dream, and Blue dream aero/clones. It is difficult to be really profitable with indoor costs, even at the high prices mentioned here. And remember there is wholesale, and retail. It is difficult to do both. Any good size grow probably needs to find wholesale buyers, which then mark their costs up, just like any other commodity based business. A 1000w light going 18/6 or 12/12, is like running an electric heater constantly. Very expensive. Nutrients can be several hundred dollars per crop. Labor, rent, maintenance. A crop can easily be lost or severly devalued due to any number of factors. A failed pump, spider mites, nutrient lock-up, electrical failure (requiring back-up generator/inverter). It is not easy. But the best quality, I believe, is achieved through indoor controls.

  23. This bud is fantastic. It’s what me and all my friends have been smoking here in the midwest. it’s a real ‘go do’ kinda high. it makes me really productive at least.

    and my friends with middies wonder why I wont bother matching them.haha

  24. Been smoking this every night for a couple weeks now. I love it. $60 an 8th.

  25. samwiseganja Says:
    January 16th, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    my favorite strain ive ever had! never felt stress melt away so quick then when smoking blue dream! Great for after a long hard day of work or anytime you just want to unwind!

  26. !!!Long lasting high. Blue Dream is very special it seems to me! Just the right amount of sativa/indica blend. Perfect in my books. A couple hits sets yoou on your way and you can function normally with the feel of a dream. Has definately become my new favorite. Worth the money

  27. blue dream is the shit..
    i smoked to grams of it and i was high all day.
    i need some of this again

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  29. yesss its perfect.

  30. I also picked up an oz. of this recently. Holy shit! Unexpectedly awesome. Really good.

  31. Bought a little Blue Dream at Purple Heart in Oakland. Lovely in the vaporizer.

  32. SourClouds Says:
    March 8th, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    Just picked up a quarter O and it’s just beautiful

  33. Sorry guys, got all of you beat. Found an oz. of blue dream in Eugene, OR for 185$ (on special because someone needs to flip their weed fast, but I usually spend $200 per oz.).

  34. Got a quarter of this last night. $175 for a quarter shit is expensive here. Definitely feel as if this is more towards 20% THC content. Completely knocked me on my ass, worth every penny overspent.

  35. @ edwardvu Spot on, Blue Jack is the best cross. Very uplifting. I tend to get burnt out too when I smoke Blue Dream for too long. It is a top notch strain though no doubt.

  36. […] shit. We are medicated and dedicated up here. It ain't shit if u can see the green on it still Blue Dream Strain Review | A Greener Country Blue Dreams Marijuana Review | Medical Marijuana Strains Strain Review: Blue Dream ‹ […]

  37. PDX E-Man Says:
    May 10th, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    Blue dream is in my tube right now….. For the guy who wrote this… sucks your paying so much. Im in Oregon and getting oz’s of BD for $200.. reguardless it is hella worth it… Big ups..

  38. Ganja yeee Says:
    May 12th, 2011 at 3:57 AM

    im afraid i have all you beat…about to pick up an oz of this tomorow for 100 flat… got my self a plug :)

  39. KornDeftonesFresnoState Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 2:55 AM

    Hahahahah wow 175 for a quarter Bryan? Did you call the cops after that rape? Shoot it better be 2 quarters for that, and thats still a rip! smh.

    I feel what u mean bro that sometimes the bud is so bomb that it was worth every penny….but dammmmnnnnn 175, you need to move! Srsly. lol Whats a god damn Chalupa cost there? 10 bucks? lmfao

  40. KornDeftonesFresnoSt. Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 2:56 AM

    Hahahahah wow 175 for a quarter Bryan? Did you call the cops after that rape? Shoot it better be 2 quarters for that, and thats still a rip! smh.

    I feel what u mean bro that sometimes the bud is so bomb that it was worth every penny….but dammmmnnnnn 175?… you need to move! Srsly. lol Whats a god damn Chalupa cost there? 10 bucks? lmfao

  41. KornDeftonesFresnoSt. Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    haha all these reviews are really great blue dream is blowing up in cali so im checking back here so often to see what yall say

  42. KornDeftonesFresnoSt. Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 8:35 AM

    o ya be careful of the cheap blue dream, becuz of the popularity theres a lot of rushed plants crappy buds even buds w/ seeds but thats the street i heard got the card finally and for those of u wondering all u need is 75 bucks and u walk in with any rx and excuse they THROW the card at u (the drs want it legal) and they couldnt usher you out fast enough w/ a legit card. dont get ripped if ur in cali if ur payin 150 its too much

  43. KornDeftonesFresnoSt. Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    one more thing, the prices above are either a rip or outdated, they got 21 dollasr half eighths and 40 dollars 8ths of the best blue dream at clubs in fresno dont even trip dont get ripped either dont settle for the average w/e blue dream they even got that bullshit blue dream at the clubs 3 g’s for 25 its like come on man

  44. michael crumpler Says:
    May 29th, 2011 at 4:23 AM

    blue dream for 100 dollars a quarter in southeastern Va. about to smoke some now ……..

  45. Very potent stuff 2 hits and ur are good for hours and 3-5 hits and u are high all day just about very good strain favorite soo far I like it better than grand daddy purple for real blue dream is the perfect high love it a lot ????…..

  46. Different shapes and types of a natural gas portable generator that you can find in the market.

  47. I got an 8th for 5$.. My friend just harvested his first batch and gave me a killer deal! Makes you very hungry but social as well.

  48. Just woke up to the Blue Dream. It’s an incredibly creative high. Incredible in the AM. A great alternative “cup of coffee” lmao. For anything creative, BD is that smoke. There can be a downside to the creative sensation. For writing music&lyrics BD is spectacular! If you’re doing your own recording wait until you are finished working because, The dreaminess can lead your ears astray though while you are dreaming you will believe you have created a masterpiece.

    I have MS. This is GREAT medicine. Some with MS report that indica dominant strains give them better relief. Myself, sativas do the trick quite nicely. As proof. I went from IV steroid 3/4 times a year for 3 days to NO CHEMICAL MEDS, moved to SoCal, and come look at me now, I will run circles around you! I don’t have MS any longer…MS has me (:! It’s a no-brainer. If you are suffering with Multiple Scelrosis, and you would like to improve the quality of your life, move to southern California. If you make music for a living, and you have a case of writers block go get some BD and thank me in the linear notes of your latest recording.

    Peace to all (:

  49. I got a hold of some of this blue dream and it is wonderful,got a quarter oz. for $100 and definitly worth it. its 3-hitter quitter i prefer and last a very long time,head high then turns into a body high.

  50. gettinstoned Says:
    November 17th, 2011 at 5:33 AM

    It’s Delicious when vaped, just picked up a big sack. I’d agree with everyone else the high is very uplifting, but the body high is still very present. 250 Oz in the midwest if you know the right people.

  51. gratefulgreg21061 Says:
    November 30th, 2011 at 1:50 AM

    Well let’s just say that I can barely type while on this strain from the middle east

  52. I use to get blue dream for about 25 a 8th. Now it’s 35 a 8th it is some pretty good bud but I have had better and I’m only 16 and I’m about to harvest first crop ever

  53. yea i smoke this alot before big games. i think it helps me to stay focused on what poseys calling and i find that it also gives good bite to my slider

  54. Nice review. I love me some Blue Dream. I think its one of my favorite strains.

  55. KGB collective Says:
    February 4th, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    Blue dream sucks and isn’t potent just like blackberry kush. Grows pound plants easily when vegged for 3 weeks. But no one likes it because it only gets you high the first time you smoke it and then it is a worthless bag of swockberries. My imperial dank and ultimate orange are very potent and alway’s get you ripped.

  56. i need to try it i i didnt know it was a haze im smoking some purple urckle right not i love hazes i like super lemon haze thats my fav

  57. How long before tolerance kicks in with Blue Dream? I got an O of it and probably smoked 8gs or so of it so far and still kicks my ass everytime. I smoked 2-3 strains a week and ill tell ya, blue dream is very powerful. I dont know what blue dream that guy who posted above(KGB) smoked, to me and my friends blue dream is one of the best smoke you can get.

  58. Legit 20 bucks a G outside cypress Tx.

  59. feels good and powerful but doesn’t last too long

  60. I dragonfly Says:
    July 30th, 2012 at 6:24 PM

    Blue dream does wonders for me, I have a spinal cord injury and this strain is great for pain. It also lasts for hours. Two thumbs up!

  61. Yeah me to just bought a g of BD for 20 outside of Dallas

  62. just picked up 7g’s for 50 in downtown!!

  63. Just picked some up last night and im high as DICK. I also second that its best experienced through a joint or bong, ridiculously smooth to the point where it boggles the mind. I was able to muscle through at least 6 bong hits just because I was finding myself to be able to take so much smoke in my lungs, i filled them to their limit.

    Another curious thing is that while you get obnoxiously high, its somehow not overpowering. The head high is really clear.

    If I were to give it a rating, an easy 9.5/10 – though i cant say much about flavor.

  64. bluedream has its ups and downs. im a medical patient from tx and bluedream was a staple in the ccommerial scene sine around 05-06. first tasted it on hillcroft on sw houston it was back then brilliant… now in a med state, where over the yrs i have seen the decline in potency and growth w bd and really only one3s who arent ccommercially growing it are doinbg the best jobs At growing her. bd 6.7/10.

  65. Stayslanted85710 Says:
    November 29th, 2013 at 12:33 AM

    Blue dream is the bomb bud. Great body high finish and head high for hours. And I get stoned every time I smoke. He’ll it took me half an hour to type this!!!!!Blue Dream is $20 a G here in the disp. Or the hood , Tucson AZ

  66. mrsmaryjane Says:
    July 9th, 2014 at 11:03 AM

    Still enjoying BD in the Midwest Hoosier state! Prices are cheaper than whenever this post started like 4 years ago but quality has declined. From person to person to middle man to buyer it’s really becoming difficult to find bud thats not seen its fair share of bags
    looking to relocate so hopefully the quality improves for my blue but Orange friend.

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