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Hindu Kush Strain Review

Strain: Hindu Kush
Lineage: Hindu Kush Mountains, Asia
Genetics: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
THC Level: 15% – 20%
Grow Medium: Indoor, Hydroponic
Purchased: Apela, Novato, CA
Price: $18/gram , $60/eighth, $115/quarter, $390/ounce
Overall Rating: 7.1

“Trippy Sedation, anytime appropriate”

Looks: 7.0
Small dark green bud with frosty tan trichromes.

Smell: 7.0
Has a zesty, fruity smell, especially when broken up.

Taste: 6.5
Thick smoke thats very smooth on the lungs. Very unique hash like taste.

High: 8.0
Nice, relaxing effect. Good balance between body buzz and trippy mind high.

Value: 7.0
Good for its medicinal properties, suitible for pain and sleep. Yet kind of blan on the wow factor.

4 Responses to “Hindu Kush Strain Review”

  1. I got a hold of some Hindu Kush a couple summers ago. That was some very good stuff- better then most. FWD 2 years – today – I just got some Hindu Kush. Great stuff. In error I got some Hindu Skunk once – nothing like Hindu Kush. The Wellness Center was out of MR. Nice (very top shelf) – I went for the 2nd best and to my surprise it was Hindu Kush. If your going to medicate; do yourself a favor – try this and Mr. Nice. This is what medicating is all about.

    60 1/8

  2. Beautiful! had an Oz of this, blew our minds! great mind trip, and catatonic body buzz. My bad back felt so at ease.

  3. hindu kush just had some and is very good in all ways smell,look and taste the buds were tight and dark green that are full of crystals i give this herb a solid 8.0

  4. I suffer from PTSD and have injuries. I have found Hindu Kush has the lowest paranoia out of herb and numbs the pain.A+++++ herb.

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