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Pink Lemonade Strain Review

Strain: Pink Lemonade
Lineage: Purple Kush Pheno
Genetics: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
THC Level: 18% – 25%
Grow Medium: Indoor, BioGrown Soil
Purchased: Peace in Medicine, Sebastopol, CA
Price: $16/gram , $54/eighth, $105/quarter, $395/ounce
Overall Rating: 8.5

“Joyous Elation, Afternoon Appropriate”

Looks: 8.0
Dark green buds with hues of purple covered in frosty white trichomes.

Smell: 9.0
Smell like…guess what? Pink lemonade!

Taste: 8.5
Tastes sour, very much like pink lemonade.

High: 8.0
Heavy indica high, very refreshing.

Value: 9.0
The best $55 eighth I’ve ever purchased from a cannabis club.

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  1. […] its" purple pineberry" i think its also know as pink lemonaid:…/pink-lemonade GOD MADE POT, MAN MADE BEER, WHO DO YOU TRUST? Reply With Quote   […]

  2. hi my name is daniel and i was seeing if and is the a way to get ahold of some seeds from this strain pink lemonade? shit looks fire

    oh ya i got my script too lol

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