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Trainwreck Strain Review

Strain: Trainwreck
Lineage: Original E32 clone from Arcata, CA
Genetics: 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
THC Level: 15% – 20%
Grow Medium: Indoor, Hydroponic
Purchased: Vapor Room, San Francisco, CA
Price: $15/gram , $50/eighth, $95/quarter, $375/ounce
Overall Rating: 8.8

“Heads up, body up”

Looks: 8.5
Vibrant light green, covered in glistening trichomes, with dark peach hairs.

Smell: 9.0
The smell is overwhelming, this is the reason I came home with this strain, the smell attacked my nostrols and I was sold. A strong sub tropical pine, with a hint of citrus.

Taste: 8.0
Smooth and sharp, best enjoyed through a water filter, it can hit your throat pretty hard.

High: 9.0
A fast strong head throbbing come up, it hits you hard but doesn’t knock you over. The high is actually very elated and non-drowsy great for mornings and afternoons. A superb high, I love this pot! This particular strain is very medicinal with great results for headaches, migraines and joint pain. The heavy Sativa content can definitely raise blood pressure and heart rate, so not the best for a wind down end of day session.

Value: 9.5
Excellent quality at the standard price, no fees :). Good Trainwreck is a beautiful thing. It has thrived and been mastered in Humboldt County for 12-14 years.

6 Responses to “Trainwreck Strain Review”

  1. Thanks for posting, this sounds like what I got.

    I’m surprised it’s 90/10, with the body buzz I am getting. It’s intense but not overwhelming. If you’re a light to middle-weight like myself, this is one hit shit. Long lasting. Pretty happy stuff. Chatty.

    Definitely agree about the odor. Very strong smell penetrating baggies. Agree also about the dense smoke increases chance of coughing. If you’re a cougher this stuff might be really tough, so definitely agree about using water filtration with a bong or something.

    That’s just my experience of it, though, of course. :)

  2. err, trainwreck does NOT have any purple in it, nor are the leaves that thick. it is a super sativa, with very limited indica traits while growing.

  3. Chuck Berry Says:
    June 6th, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    I would love to join your forum

  4. A pure mind bending strain.

  5. This stuff will put you away for sure .Makes you think deep and hard and then you forget what they hell you were thinking about for so long about ! I prefer the trainwreck #2 straight as it is a little more tasty . You only need about 3 or 4 tokes for seasoned smoker to get a good buzz going .Anything more and you arent so functional in your thought process . Trainwreck rates up to one of my top 3 strains ever because it never fails me .Although now experimenting with trainwreck by doing some breeding experiments by mixing it with jilly Bean . Getting it down to a few phenos right now but the amoke report is outstanding . It keeps you in the clouds with a slow come down and rather functional and socialable high . Plants are not as floppy but the potency and taste seems to have climbed up more as im not required but to take several tokes and im good for several hours . The flavor is rather tasty with less piney and more of a citrus taste. Going to try backcrossing it to see if i can get some more potency out of it and make it a complete 10 on the scale . My friends are begging for it as it is allready a knockout .By the way the bag appeal is outstanding, you got that light greenish color with a potent smell erupting form it , between those 2 combinations , you can see peoples mouth drool and thier eyes light up knowing they have seen and smelled pure fire ! It is rather more sticky than regular Trainwreck .One more thing to as is the bubble hash from it . Truly a one hitter quiter ! Taste exactly like the flower and one good rip from the pipe and it is instantly felt and 5 minutes later eys droopy, smile on face and the feeling the pressure like a good headband strain . If you aint down with the Wreck then you best get off the Train !

  6. I picked up some trainwreck yesterday and this strain takes your mind to a whole new level. Im finally getting the hang of this indica, sativa thing and find that most Sativa strains are more like acid than pot lol. The pyschodelic effects are out of control. I smoke mostly for Insomnia and find the sativa blends are also less for sleep since they keep your mind racing for hours. Trainwreck is definitely a potent strain! Just be sure you can handle the head-trip or you might want to stick with an Indica in my opinion.

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