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Tangerine Haze Strain Review

May 10th, 2010 Dr. Skunky
Strain: Tangerine Haze
Lineage: NY City Diesel x G13 / Haze
Genetics: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
THC Level: 16% – 21%
Grow Medium: Indoor, Hydroponic
Purchased: Vapor Room, San Francisco, CA
Price: $15/gram , $50/eighth, $95/quarter, $375/ounce
Overall Rating: 8.3

“Releases a smell like a case of ripe fruit”

Looks: 8.0
Dense buds slightly orangish tan in color glistening with frosty trichomes.

Smell: 9.0
Faint yet distinguishable sweet smell of tangerine. No skunky marijuana like smell from this strain!

Taste: 8.0
After inhaling my first hit I noticed my mouth watering, wanting more Tangeringe Haze! The taste dosnt stick to your mouth but leaves a clear refreshing feeling like a breath mint.

High: 8.5
Strong medicinal effects felt throughout the body and mind. Very quick onset. Versatile high, could be used throughout the day or night.
Value: 8.0
Very exotic strain with quality medicinal effects. Fun smell and taste make this a real crowd pleaser and a hard to turn down buy.

Additional Information
The G-13 Haze x new York City Diesel is one of several G-13 crosses that Soma has developed from his signature strains. This pleasure pot has an exotic combination that evokes the aroma of old-school Thai-stick and the red grapefruit taste of the NYC Diesel.

This strain is an indoor plant in most locales, and is only suitable outdoors in tropical settings. The G-13 Haze x NYC Diesel is happy in soil or a hydroponics setup, as long as it is allowed to branch out. It does especially well when super-cropped, producing plump, fairly dense flowers at close internodes. The main stalk is very strong and sturdy. Until the last three weeks, this plant stays green, but in the last phases of flowering, it may acquire a lavender hue on the bud and foliage.

The high from G-13 haze x NYC Diesel is truly joyous. Its mood elevating qualities often creep up, shifting perspective to clear, light and happy thoughs. It encourages a sense of connectedness and may send the smoker on a hugging binge, or at least a sweet and gentle attitude toward friends and the world at large. Best indulged when one’s environmentsupports a loving demeanor, this strain is also potentially helpful for depression. The smell and taste have retained grapefruit tones from the Diesel, but the uniquely Haze aroma comes through in the smoke. Opening a container of cured buds releases a smell like a case of ripe fruit.