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Trainwreck Strain Review

January 29th, 2010 Dr. Skunky
Strain: Trainwreck
Lineage: Original E32 clone from Arcata, CA
Genetics: 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
THC Level: 15% – 20%
Grow Medium: Indoor, Hydroponic
Purchased: Vapor Room, San Francisco, CA
Price: $15/gram , $50/eighth, $95/quarter, $375/ounce
Overall Rating: 8.8

“Heads up, body up”

Looks: 8.5
Vibrant light green, covered in glistening trichomes, with dark peach hairs.

Smell: 9.0
The smell is overwhelming, this is the reason I came home with this strain, the smell attacked my nostrols and I was sold. A strong sub tropical pine, with a hint of citrus.

Taste: 8.0
Smooth and sharp, best enjoyed through a water filter, it can hit your throat pretty hard.

High: 9.0
A fast strong head throbbing come up, it hits you hard but doesn’t knock you over. The high is actually very elated and non-drowsy great for mornings and afternoons. A superb high, I love this pot! This particular strain is very medicinal with great results for headaches, migraines and joint pain. The heavy Sativa content can definitely raise blood pressure and heart rate, so not the best for a wind down end of day session.

Value: 9.5
Excellent quality at the standard price, no fees :). Good Trainwreck is a beautiful thing. It has thrived and been mastered in Humboldt County for 12-14 years.