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Snow Wreck Strain Revew

August 6th, 2009 Dr. Skunky
Strain: Snow Wreck
Lineage: Snow Cap X Trainwreck
Genetics: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC Level: 18% – 20%
Grow Medium: Indoor, Soil
Purchased: Apela, Novato, CA
Price: $16/gram , $55/eighth, $100/quarter, $390/ounce
Overall Rating: 7.1

“Long lasting cerebral high, daytime appropriate”

Looks: 7.0
Dense, light green buds full of trichomes. Darker green leaves and orange hairs make this a real eye pleaser.

Smells: 6.5
Pretty bland smell. Smells strong like trainwreck when broken up.

Taste: 6.5
Was expecting a little more taste from the bud, upon exhaling you can slightly taste the trainwreck.

High: 8.0
Potent, heavy high. Fast onset felt in the head and upper body. Kept me very sedated for a little over an hour.

Value: 7.5
For the price this Snow Cap is a very good deal. Not as fancy as some other strains in looks, smell or taste but very effective. I would buy again.